Sunfed Puts Poultry Industry on Defense
New Zealand’s plant-based leader, Sunfed Meats (and isn’t that just the best company name?) has a huge hit in their chicken-free chicken. After only three months on the market, it is selling out anywhere it is stocked! One would expect the New Zealand poultry industry to follow consumer demand and jump on the plant-based bandwagon, but to date, Sunfed’s success with chicken – soon to be followed by beef and bacon products – has got the industry running scared. 

The poultry industry’s heavy-handed and anti-competitive tactics – complaining to the Commerce Commission about Sunfed’s labeling – hasn’t shaken Sunfed, and has gotten the company even more exposure throughout the country. 

The New Zealand poultry industry should learn a lesson from similar events in the United States. For example, the egg industry and the world’s largest condiment maker went after startup Hampton Creek and their eggless Just Mayo. That led to widespread and priceless positive press for Hampton Creek, and complete victory on all fronts. Unilever not only dropped their suit, but introduced an eggless product as well!

This is not an isolated example. More and more companies are seeing the future and getting on board with the animal-free future of meat! Giant Tyson Foods bought a minority stake in plant-based powerhouse Beyond Meat. More recently, huge meat conglomerate Cargill invested in clean meat pioneer Memphis Meats. 

The New Zealand poultry industry should also recognize that the future is animal-free. There is plenty of room on the train – get on board! 

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