2018 Ranking of Top Universities for Plant-Based and Clean Meat
2018 Ranking of Top Universities for Plant-Based and Clean Meat

Replacing meat from industrial animal agriculture with plant-based and clean meat will lead to a more healthy, humane, and sustainable global food supply.

To accelerate this transformation of the meat industry toward better means of production, we need the involvement of the academic research community. The Good Food Institute has identified 24 universities worldwide – 12 for plant-based and 12 for clean – that have incredible potential to become leaders in plant-based or clean meat research.

Universities in each list are listed in alphabetical order, not rank order.


Top 12 Global Universities for Plant-Based Meat

  1. Cornell University (US)
  2. McGill University (Canada)
  3. Peking University (China)
  4. Pennsylvania State University (US)
  5. Technical University of Munich (Germany)
  6. Texas A&M (US)
  7. University of California, Davis (US)
  8. University of Minnesota (US)
  9. University of Nebraska-Lincoln (US)
  10. University of Queensland (Australia)
  11. University of Tokyo (Japan)
  12. Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands)
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Top 12 Global Universities for Clean Meat

  1. Harvard University (US)
  2. KU Leuven (Belgium)
  3. Kyoto University (Japan)
  4. Lund University (Sweden)
  5. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  6. Purdue University (US)
  7. Seoul National University (South Korea)
  8. Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)
  9. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US)
  10. University of Leeds (UK)
  11. University of Melbourne (Australia)
  12. University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)

Some of these universities are not yet working in these fields. However, each possesses the relevant technical expertise, research capabilities, and private-sector partnerships that are key to advancing plant-based or clean meat research.

We have seen examples of this already. USDA-funded research at the University of Missouri was key for the plant-based meat company Beyond Meat. Dr. Mark Post’s research at Maastricht University led to the first clean meat burger in 2013, followed by the formation of the clean meat company Mosa Meats. There are many more areas of research to explore!

Interested in transforming the trillion-dollar global meat industry? GFI is currently granting a total of $3 million in funding for plant-based and clean meat research: $2 million for plant-based and $1 million for clean.

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