Video: GFI Talks Markets and Food Innovation in Korea
The Good Food Institute knows that the market for plant-based and clean meat is global. Our International Engagement team, led by Director Nicole Rawling, currently has Managing Directors in Brazil, India, and Israel, and we’re soon hiring Managing Directors for China and Europe. In addition, more than 30 international interns and fellows are working on market, science, and technology projects related to GFI’s mission throughout the world.

Earlier this year, the Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) flew GFI’s Business Innovation Specialist Aylon Steinhart to speak at their Global Food Trend & Tech Conference in Seoul, South Korea. On May 2, 2018, Aylon spoke on “Disruptive Food Technology” to a packed ballroom of over 600 food industry professionals, while also participating in a panel discussion.

In the video below (you’ll need to turn up the sound), Aylon explains why our current means of meat production needs to be transformed, and how this transformation will take place:
  1. Plant-based and clean meat address some of the world’s biggest issues like climate change and human health while also creating a tremendous business opportunity of over $1 trillion. The many investors in plant-based and clean meat provide a great vote of confidence. Current backers range from the most innovative minds of our time, like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, to the biggest meat companies in the world, like Tyson Foods and PHW Group.

  2. The transformation of the food industry is already happening. 50% of millennials say they eat meat alternatives at least a few times a week, and plant-based milks already command over 10% of the dairy sector.

Thanks again to our friends at KOTRA for this opportunity to spread the word about the promise and opportunity of plant-based and clean meat to this important audience.

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