We’re off to The Netherlands!
From September 3–5, leading researchers in the field of clean meat will convene at The University of Maastricht in The Netherlands for the annual international conference on clean meat. 

Over the course of the conference, these experts will share findings from the past year and collaborate to ensure sustainability is a built-in component of meat production. I know, that sentence wouldn’t have seemed possible five years back, but we’ve come a long way

GFI senior scientist Dr. Liz Specht will be giving the keynote presentation on the final day of the conference, focused on how this growing industry can bring together capital and talent to accelerate the commercialization of clean meat. GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich is also presenting on the nuances of consumer acceptance of clean meat. 

[Wonder what people will think about clean meat once it's on grocery store shelves? Check out Bruce’s thoughts here

Team GFI with the godfather of clean meat, Dr. Mark Post (second from right), during last year's conference at Maastricht

The conference is packed with other intriguing topics, like New Harvest fellow Marie Gibbons’ presentation on animal-free media to grow cells from a small sample to a full burger (or chicken tender, or slice of sashimi – you get the idea!). For background on “growth media” and other key components of clean meat production, study up here.

There's also a focus on how to involve the scientific community so that developments in other areas (like those in regenerative medicine) can be applied to food production. Dr. Specht and GFI senior scientist Christie Lagally found out firsthand how interested the rest of the medical community is in this opportunity not so long ago, and the results were pretty awesome.  

To check out the other panels and learn more about the happenings at Maastricht, you can view the conference website here.

And if you’re curious about GFI’s work accelerating food innovation, read up on what we do!

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