What We Do
What We Do

We work with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to make groundbreaking good food a reality. We focus on cultivated meat and plant-based alternatives to animal products—foods that are more delicious, safer to eat, and better for the planet than their outdated counterparts.

Providing Strategic Support to Companies

We provide marketing, design, legal, business, media, and other support to a select number of early-stage companies producing cultivated and plant-based products. For established companies, we help their products succeed in the marketplace by mobilizing millions of supportive consumers to encourage their sale in stores, restaurants, and foodservice outlets.

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Fostering the Next Generation of Innovators

To help launch the next generation of innovators, we connect students, scientists, and entrepreneurs with opportunities in the academic and for-profit sectors. We connect jobs, funding, and scientific positions with those who want to put their passion and skills to use to create a better food system.

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Educating Institutions

We educate grant-making institutions, corporations, and governmental bodies about plant-based and cultivated meat R&D as a critical component of endeavors related to sustainability, climate change, and global health.

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Promoting Plant-Based Products

We work with restaurants, grocery stores, and foodservice companies to increase availability of the best plant-based options on menus, in grocery stores, and in cafeterias.

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